Be a skills-based organization!

Empower your staff where they work — in Microsoft 365
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Be a skills-based organization!

Empower your staff where they work — in Microsoft 365
What is a skills-based organization?

Enterprise-grade solutions, priced for organizations of ALL sizes

External learning management systems, talent solutions, and human capital management clouds are costly and difficult to implement. The good news is that you might not need them if you already use Microsoft 365!

You can realize critical cost savings, elevate productivity, implement great employee experiences, and ensure security by consolidating your people and skills management with the integrated Skills Copilot® suite for Microsoft 365.

Skills Copilot for Microsoft Teams
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Skills Copilot Mission Control
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Skills Copilot® for Microsoft Teams
The FREE app for Microsoft Teams enables employees to record their professional skills, acquire new skills, and set career goals.
The app provides your employees with FREE access to more than 98,000 skill definitions and over 1.25 million role-to-skill mappings. Employees can also use Skills Copilot to find other skilled people in your organization, learn about different roles, and access free training resources. No sign-up is required - the app is 100% FREE!
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Skills Copilot® Mission Control
Ensure the skills-based activities of your employees are aligned with your organizational goals!
You can use Mission Control to define your organization's roles, map them to bespoke skills that are strategic for your business, and provide personalized training content that will help your employees upskill and reskill quickly. Additionally, you can perform rich analytics of your workforce's roles, skills, goals, and training consumption, and build strategies that drive your business forward.
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Skills Copilot for Microsoft Teams has been approved and verified by Microsoft as a completely FREE app for all end users. It is available from Microsoft AppSource and from the Microsoft Teams app store. You can download the Tenant Setup Guide to learn how to add the app for all users in your tenant.
Note: If your organization does not allow apps to be added from the store, we can provide the app for your administrators to add directly to your tenant.
To get the most value from your employees using the Skills Copilot for Microsoft Teams app, organization subscriptions are available to Skills Copilot Mission Control. Our goal is to ensure Skills Copilot is affordable for organizations of all sizes, NOT just enterprises that can afford, say, an additional $30 per user per month!
Pricing is based on the number of users in your Microsoft 365 tenant and all subscriptions provide an unlimited number of administrative users — your organization can benefit from as many leaders as you need having access to the analytics and strategy features of the platform, including HR professionals, departmental managers, team leaders, directors, and the executive board.
Monthly subscriptions are available, with discounts for annual and multi-year commitments. Feel free to contact us for discounted quotes above 500 users.
№ Users* Skills Copilot Mission Control
25 From $2.99 per user / per month**
Up to 50 From $2.80 per user / per month**
Up to 100 From $2.75 per user / per month**
Up to 250 From $2.60 per user / per month**
Up to 500 From $2.50 per user / per month**
Over 500 Contact Us
*Number of users in your Microsoft tenant
**Based on an annual commitment

The 'Lift' Program

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We refuse to be another item on your long 'To-Do' list. We make sure your skills data is ready for you before you even touch our apps.

  • Apps approved & verified by Microsoft

  • Setup in less than five minutes

  • Customized roles to get you started

  • Let employees skill where they work

  • We do the work, so you don't need to


Avoid skill silos!

No need for you or your workforce to log into external systems. Our secure apps are fully integrated into Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Office 365 — they work where your employees work!

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Top skill sectors

Our most popular development areas

Data Science
Computer Science
Web Development
Bio Tech

Skill with purpose!

Let skills be the driver of your business — unleash the fluid power of skills development and execution, and ensure learning is targeted, skills-based, and aligned with your business objectives.

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Enjoy full access to our skills data!

All apps are built on our Skills Copilot API — the world's most comprehensive role/skill mapper.


Role definitions


Skill definitions


Role-to-skill mappings


Concept definitions


Role conceptualizations


Skill conceptualizations


Tag definitions


Role tags


Skill tags


Taxonomy categories


Role classifications


Skill classifications

Bring your roles to life!

  • Rich role descriptions

  • Relevant skill mappings

  • Pre-employment engagement

  • New employee onboarding

  • Interactive career pathways

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